Collard Greens with Spicy Chicken Sausage wwpp=1-2-3

This is another favorite of mine here at home.

Collard Greens.

You know I am close to 50 and I had never made Collard Greens until a few years ago. I was very intimidated by these, for what I have no idea. I think that I was afraid that I couldn't give them the flavor that they deserved.

When I first cooked them, my children asked me to put them outside (they couldn't take the Now I don't bother, they have learned that they are very tasty.

I put this batch in my crock pot last night. You can buy the ones pre-cut in the bag (which is now my fast go to) or you can buy them by the bunch and strip the stem out and cut them up. Either way is cool.

The sausage I use is any kind of chicken sausage (spicy is my favorite) seems to leave a great taste in the greens.

The reason for the wwpp= 1-2-3 is depending on the amount of sausage you put in. That is the best I could do for an estimate.

Make plenty of them. They freeze really well too.

Collard Greens with Spicy Chicken Sausage    wwpp= 1-2-3


1 Large bunch of Collard Greens ( one large bag)

3 cups of water ( I just love the broth, there are alot of nutrients in the broth)

4 chicken bouillon cubes

1/2 cup of vinegar .

2 large links of spicy chicken sausage ( you could also use ham bone, ham, pork back, pork fat) (I personally like the spicy sausage and then when they are done, they are so spiced well)


1) In the bottom of the crock pot put the water, bouillon cubes and the vinegar.

2) Put in the Collard Greens ( Mine I usually have to push the lid down. They will melt down to a half a pot full.)

3) Lay on top your sausage ( I keep extra sausage in the freezer. I always seem to forget to pull some  out to thaw, and have learned by experience that frozen is cool. So I put them on top like that)

4) Turn your crock pot on low and come back after while.

Now sometimes, I get up and stir it, but sometimes I am too tired. This time it smelled so good, I was dreaming that some one ate them all up.

I had to go running out to check. Too funny...

So needless to say, my son and I had collard greens as a side with our eggs this morning. It was so good, I fed my eggs to the dogs and had a second bowl.

I am now waiting for them to cool a bit and I will put them in the fridge. I am wondering if I should split it and freeze half, but I know that they are delicious. Tomorrow, if I feel adventurous I may take a portion and add in some garlic and beans, and make a great lunch.

Well all my friends.. I hope everyone set their clocks up an hour, and got moving on time.

Eat well. nourish that soul..


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