Prepping for the week

For me, I find that when I am prepared I can actually think of new recipes, and keep ahead of the game. Sometime this week I will start posting a menu for the week, and try to get near some point totals. For those who follow me, I hope I can get it to be understandable.

I bought these plastic containers at Walmart. They are throw-aways and have the lid attached. I found them in the aisle above the foil and such. I use them all the time. I normally don't reheat in them, but they have held up pretty good.

Today, I pre-diced my onion, green pepper, zucchini, spinach and my garlic. I put them all in separate containers, stacked up real pretty. I then took another containers and filled with baby carrots and celery.

I also cut my other green peppers in half to make the boats for the stuffed peppers. In a large gallon bag I added the ingredients for the inside of the peppers. I put these up for a meal this week.

In another bag, I fixed the meatloaf with everything and put in the fridge. I am going to make meatloaf tonight. Thinking though, I might just roll half into meatballs for later this week with spagetti.

I have pre-cooked one pkg of spagetti and divided it up into 6 one cup containers. I will use these for lunch.

I am going to in the morning try out a new recipe, that I have been thinking about. Stuffed Zucchini with greek seasoning and a tziki sauce..hmmmm.

So as I say goodbye, I just wanted to drop in a blog post, that didn't include a recipe.
I hope that everyone is doing well, and is atleast getting out there and enjoying some of this beautiful weather.
Drop me a line when you want..


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