Flat Out Flatbread BLT wwpp=5

Okay, who doesn't like a good BLT.  I really don't know where the concept of bacon ( I like mine hot ) on a cool mayo, with lettuce and tomato..and don't forget just a dash of salt and pepper.
The perfect lunch...dinner...or like today the perfect breakfast.. For a couple more weight watcher points I could have added a fried egg, but this was really enough for me.

Before I go into the simple basic recipe of a BLT, which I will show you how I did it, just cause I am getting better at taking pictures. I want to talk about a few of these products that I like.

This one is the Flatout Flatbread. For weight watchers it clocks in at 2 points. That is pretty good for a bread item.

The next is my mayonnaise. I use Hellman's Reduced Fat Olive Oil, is is 1 weight watcher plus point for a whole tablespoon. I still have to measure it out, or I could go mayo- crazy.

For the Bacon, I use Turkey Bacon, I have found that some have different points. The Great Value at Walmart is 1 pt per first piece, then 4 pieces are 2 points.
One smart thing that I do with my bacon is that I bake it, at 400 until I get it to where I want it. Usually I do two trays, the first is for sandwiches at the moment. The second is to put it up in the fridge, I will cook it just shy of being done, so that to warm it up in the micro, it will just make it slightly crispy.

Now let's build us a sandwich..

Flat Out Flatbread BLT      wwpp=5


4 pieces of turkey bacon

1 Flat Out Flatbread

1tbs of fat free mayo (mine is Hellman's Reduced Fat with Olive Oil)

thin sliced tomato ( I use Roma so they aren't such bit bites)

Lettuce leaves ( I have a container of pre-washed salad mix in the fridge and just pull out when I need it.)


** up date to this..this morning I made it again. I took the flat bread and toasted a bit on both sides on my grill. Then I built the sandwich. WOWOWOW.. it made it so much better.. you must try this

Let's build:


And fold over and cut. Sometimes I cut it into smaller little squares, seems to make it last longer and keeps me feeling like I ate alot. It is a diet thing.

I know this is a basic sandwich, but I wanted to share with those who are fighting the battle to get healthy, fit and trying to lose weight. I figured if I shared and at least one person saw this and it helped then I did what I set out to do.

Get out there, cook, and find things you enjoy..


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