Bean Salad wwpp=2 (for a whole cup)

I know I start with a picture, but it is not for lack of camera, or dish to photograph. Let's call it lack of batteries. It seems that the Wii and all the singing toys of the babies, have taken all my batteries. I will take a picture later..

Bean Salad, actually is one of my very favorite things. My Mother always seem to make this all the time when I was at home. It carried over to be one of my main things, that speaks of spring and summer salads. Being such a foodie, I think my Mom's cooking was the catalyst of my favorite thing to do. Create and cook fun things to eat and enjoy. We were always going to the pool in the summer, rain or shine, she would always have egg salad, bean salad, and all kinds of quickie lunches to take and even to have for dinner that night, after we had been at the pool all day. She was always fixing something different. My sisters also took after her. They make some really kicking food.

One of my favorite stories about food that I loved when my mom would share with me. She told me that my oldest would go and pick up a fresh container of oysters and they would all meet over at my sisters house, to fry them up and put on a fresh white bread sandwich. She would go on to say, they snuck over..and how wonderful they were. Now if that is not living....

So I wanted to share this recipe today. I find that I am an emotional eater, and the weather is cloudy and I seem to have a great appetite. So I started to surf the cabinets and I thought of mom's bean salad. So with a twist of my own.

Bean Salad


2 cans of green beans

2 cans of wax beans

1/3 can of kidney beans

1 medium onion ( dice up, I usually add more, because I like how the sweet vinegar makes them taste as they sit)

5 pkt of splenda sweetner (you determine how tart you like the vinegar

1 cup of apple cider vinegar ( I try to cover up all the beans.)

In this recipe, I had a few of the roasted beets, left over. I cut them up in chunks, need I say they were really good in it. Just turned everything kinda purple


Pretty much a dump everything in a nice container that fits in the fridge. Taste your vinegar and sweeten how you like it.

This kind of salad tastes so much better as it sits. My mom also would dump in another can of green beans during the week, as it went down. The vinegar mixture keeps well.

I had to try it right away. Yummy and delicious. My mom also used to serve it with Cottage Cheese on the side. I don't know why I just remembered that.

Any way, like I always say, get out there, try something new. 


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