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One thing that I find that I crave and miss most is some fried foods. I love vegetables and I love them even more fried. I searched and searched all kinds of recipes on the Internet. I found one woman that I really love, and I have actually been following her since 2004. Hungry Girl. One of her recipes she makes a breading for onion rings with Fiber One Cereal. Yes, cereal, Fiber One. I was kinda a skeptic until yesterday when I made the onion rings. One whole one and all 3 points. I was in onion ring heaven yesterday. I would have taken a picture and posted yesterday, but once my husband got wind of them, they were gone. I shared my one onion (made a whole tray) with him. Cost me 2 points.

So this morning, I took a zucchini and cut it up into sticks and did the same thing.
I wanted to share how much I really loved this. Now Fiber One has a slight sweet taste, so you need to add some spices to balance it.

Zucchini Sticks


zucchini (cut into sticks)

1/2 cup Fiber One

1/4 Egg Beaters

Spices - I used garlic powder, pepper and seasoning salt


Put the fiber one and spices into a processor and process until, bread crumby. I put mine in the bowl that came with my immersion blender and blended it down.

I then took the cut up zucchini and put in a bowl and poured over my egg beaters, coating them really well.

Take each zucchini stick and roll in the Fiber One that you processed and place on a cookie sheet. I put a piece of foil and spray with Pam. Less mess and then I can throw it away, without dirtying the whole pan.

Place in oven at 375 for about 15 minutes.

These turned out really tasty. I will make these again.

I don't know if the Hungry Girl has made these before. But the Fiber One Idea was hers.

So here is a big shout out to HUNGRY GIRL.... Thanks..

I only ate half so actually it cost me 1.5 points, but you gotta round up.. so 2 points.
Funny thing I had them for breakfast..

I hope you give them a try. It is really an "outa the ballpark" idea.


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