My 8th week of Weight Watchers and my 3pt breakfast

My 3 point breakfast..

Entering into the 8th week of doing Weight Watchers, and I am still with it. Who would have thought, that it took my 50 years to get it somewhat right. Not saying I still don't have a long way to go, but I am saying I am going to win this one. This Battle, Game or just the right to become healthier and in my case that means to lose weight. My goal is 100 lbs. Oops did I say that out loud. My take on this weight stuff is that I own it, I love every inch of myself, even the 100lbs that i am going to get rid of. I am losing the weight so that I may get around better, be more active, be more alert and just make me more vibrant than I already am. I am now 23. pounds closer, almost 1/4 gone, and yes, I won't fool you it was alot of work and alot of thought. I am worth that time and effort.

As a mother I guess we spend most of our waking time, taking care of our family first and we seem to shift our needs to the background. I am just realizing that there must be a balance. A balance in life and a balance in losing weight and feeling better. It isn't about not eating certain foods of one kind, it is about a little of everything, balance. I am also seeing a change in the kids eating habits, there overall attitude about doing this with me. They are trying new things, and please don't misunderstand me, they still beg for the "good stuff" Pizza and takeout. I am just getting a stronger mindset and can either find something that fits what I need to eat, or have a soda while they enjoy. It is really not bothering me any more.

Yesterday, I went and bought the foods I need to create the meals that give me more power, more energy to play the game. I actually look at all this like I am an athlete and I am getting ready to play the biggest My sister, Harriet, when I was going in for the first hip replacement, said that to me...Go in like an athlete.. She was right, set the mind, set the pace..

This week I pre-cut up a few small containers of spinach, onion, garlic, and mushrooms. Just a small container of each. This will make it easier to make a quick little something, without tearing out all the fridge to get to it. I also took my fat free mozzarella cheese and pre-measured it into 1/4 cup and put in small snack baggies and then slid them all back into the original bag. This is such a great thing, so you don't have to think about it. After a while you will be able to eye-ball the amount, but I am a cheese lover and I have not reached the point of keeping it in a limit, without myself pre-limiting it into little baggies.

For Breakfast Today..(I posted a picture above)

I took one of the FlatOut Breads (2) sprayed a cookie sheet with foil on it, with olive oil pam, lay it on there.
Took a handful of the following, onion, garlic, spinach and mushrooms and sauteed them with a bit of water, just to soften.
Spread the mix on top, and cut up a roma tomatoe  very thin, and seasoned with garlic, pepper sea salt.
Sprinkle with cheese.(1)
This turned out to be so pretty that I am going to post another picture below. I always squirt a bit of olive oil (1)on top after it is cooked (I think it just adds another layer of flavor)

This breakfast, left me looking forward to summer, when the tomatoes will be homegrown and my basil will be growing fresh and abundant. This little creation came be made alot of way, so get in there create...
I am hoping that as I document this Journey I am on, that those of you that do read me, find at least a bit on information that you like, or hopefully I inspire you to keep trying. Keep enjoying life. Make a new recipe, take on a new hobby, be inspired to be all that you are. Keep the faith, and remember that you are very important to all around, and to me.
Thanks for being here with me..


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