Chicken Black Bean Nachos ---- wwpp=9

Lunch came and I started to take stock of what I had handy laying around. I had some shredded chicken left from what I made the tacos out of the other day. So I got to thinking and here is the next new favorite. It was very filling and tasted so fresh. If you have never baked your own tortillas, you really should. They turn out great.

Chicken Black Bean Nachos 

*WW  9 points with all the stuff I put on it . You could just put black beans and shave off 3 points. Actually after I was eating it, I could have just done with the black beans.


3 oz of shredded chicken

1/4 cup of black beans

2 tbs of taco seasoning (I used Ortega)

1/4 cup of water

Lettuce ( I used my salad greens, but a good shredded head lettuce would have been a bit more crunchier)

Tomato (diced)

Onion (diced)

Salsa (how much you like)

Sour Cream ( I am still using my breakstone, so I don't waste so I only get 1 tbsp. If you get a fat-free you get 2 tbsp.)

Cheddar Cheese Shredded ( fat-free) 1/4 of a cup

2 corn tortillas


1st> you have to take the corn tortillas and cut up into chips, I get 8 chips a tortilla. Spray a sheet pan and put on it, then briefly spray their tops. Pop into oven at 400 and keep an eye on them, until they get brown and crunchy. When finished take out and sprinkle with a little salt. I also like a little squirt of lime.

2nd> Take chicken, beans, water and seasoning and put in a small pan, to warm up.

3rd> Put your lettuce in the bowl, then put the chicken mixture (hot ) on top.

4th> I put the cheese on top (cause I like since I don't get too much, it gets all melty, and goes farther)
Then I put on the salsa, onions, lettuce, tomato and then a dab of sour cream on top.

I took the warm chips and put them around on the plate. Looks pretty good huh?

* you can do the same thing with ground turkey, pinto beans. I think the next time I will skip the meat.

Eating is with the mouth, but you also have to eat with your eyes...I think I satisfied all aspects..


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