My Birthday, My Mother..

Tomorrow, it the day of my 51st year of life on this Earth. I remember 50 was going to be a leap and now it is already another year.

Every year on my birthday, I would call my Mother and she would say, " I remember the day you were born.... and then tell me all about it, and how wonderful and pretty I was. How loved I was..." and that would lead into the story of how I would be anywhere in the house, inside and out and I would yell, "Mom, I love you". And she would yell back everytime, " I love you Wee!" Then we would laugh about how I couldn't stand to not get in touch with her, or talk to her all the time. The next yearly story would be about when she came home late after school let out and I came home and she wasn't there. I was so angry and went across the street to my Grandfathers. I think my exact answer to all that was, " If you aren't home again, I won't love you" Now wasn't I just a bit spoiled.

My mother spoiled me rotten. I was the fourth child, actually my mother had three older children and waited 10 years and I came screaming in, followed by two more little ones. I am sure my Alice and Jim were ready. All the memories were, they were always there, reading, playing, and loving us. We always were together when we were little.

This year, I was heart broken in the loss of my Mother, in November. I have actually been dreading the up coming birthday, because I have no one to call and no one to say those things that I have come to enjoy for the last 50 years. I cherish every moment I had with her and always will.

Today, which possessed me to write this today, I got a card in the mail, and it was from my oldest sister, Alice. In the card it said, "I remember the day you were born..." wow...if someone didn't have a guiding hand, I don't know what you would call it.

So as I approach my birthday, I still miss my Mom, most of all, but somehow, my sister made it hurt alot less.

So in appreciation and love I say to my siblings...

Thanks for everything and I love you all, always..


Momoftwoboys said…
That was beautiful Louise and I actually shead a tear as I thought of my own Mom who is still alive and says things to me like.. she calls me her baby girl wven though Im her first born or she always tells me the same childhood stories for which I often wonder if she is going a little sinile since Ive heard them a hundred times. But your story is saying cherish them always cause oneday I wont hear her tell them to me and that makes me very sad. I am praying for you and know I love ya girl.
Janet ....your friend for life

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