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I am always looking for ways to satisfy, that comfort food feeling. Last week when I was posting a few recipes, a good friend of mine Sherri Busk, sent me this one. I was kinda a doubting Thomas..Turnips, hey my kids will turn up their noses and I will be stuck with all kinds of leftovers.
I made this tonight, and it was very easy. It was greatly accepted. Although they now think it is a game to figure out what the dishes are made of besides the obvious.

I did this on the Weight Watcher Recipe Maker and came up with 4 points. Which wasn't too bad. We had my 7 pt Meatloaf (which was a batch I made extra last week) (quick, quick) and greenbeans. Leaving a filling full meal for 11 points. That is a good meal.

Like I have said before this also doesn't have to be a ww meal. You could use this just to get some fiber and vitamins into your diet. The easy way....

I must also say, I followed her recipe as well as I could. I was missing a few things so I used what I had. Even thinking about sneaking in some spinach next time..funny...I just love that stuff.

Turnip Au Gratin 


6 medium turnips (peeled and sliced thin, I used my mandoline, but be ever soooo careful)

1 jar of Cheesy Light Parmesan Alfredo

1 can of mushrooms (drained)

1/2 stick of margarine

4 servings of Kraft Shredded Low fat cheese


Peel and slice thin the turnips. Parboil them for about 5 to 6 minutes.

Lay a thin layer (I put one side by side)

I melted the butter, and put the alfredo and the mushrooms into a bowl altogether.

Lay a thin layer of the butter, alfredo and mushroom mix.

Next a sprinkle of cheese.

Lay another layer of turnip, I got three thin layers with a bit of sauce on top and a bit of cheese.

Bake at 350 for about 40 minutes. Check for tenderness.

I let it cool about 15 minutes before serving.

It was very good. I will make this a go to side.


I am really enjoying finding new vegetables that I have never even thought to try.
So get out there do something new.

Thanks Sherri, Loved the recipe.


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