Soda Cake Cupcakes -- revisited - ww plus points 2

I was hunting to make a chocolate cupcake and I remembered the soda cake recipe. With these I used a diet dr pepper cherry vanilla (10 oz = 2 sips outta the can and pour in the rest) and a cake mix.

Soda Cake Cupcakes


Diet Soda of your choice ( find a combo you like )

Cake Mix (what would go with your diet soda) (orange - white cake mix -= orange creme sicle) (cherry coke - chocolate = yummy) ( you get the idea)

2 egg whites ( I am using the already in the carton kind, that way I don't have to figure what to do with the yellow.)

24 cupcake holders

Here's what I used:


Empty cake mix into a bowl.

Add egg whites.

Add diet soda ( about 10 oz, sip a bit and you got it)

Mix altogether and pour into the cup cakes (little over half way, that way you get 24)

Bake at 350, until the knife comes out clean.

Let cool.

These were pretty good. They were a bit crumbly, so be sure not to let anyone walk around with them, like they do at my house. I am constantly picking up.. and those dogs sure do come in handy as a quick crumb vacuum.

This treat turned into a 2 point sweet, and I enjoyed every moment..Hope you do to.


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