Cheesy Zucchini Ribbons with Roasted Garlic wwpp=1

Welcome to my world. I had run across a while back where someone had taken a peeler and peeled a zucchini into ribbons and added sauce. With the way my curiosity is, I decided to see what I could do with this little idea.

I also always like roasted garlic, I usually go and get the big old sock looking things at Sams full of garlic bulbs. Take them cut off the bottom sit in a bit of olive oil and sea salt and bake at 400 for about 20  minutes. I keep this in my fridge all the time. When you want it just squeeze it out.

You know by now I am posting the Weight Watcher Plus Points that the dish is worth. Also for those who are not doing ww, and there is no need once you watch portions and choose the better alternatives in a meal. This one is also very low calorie..what a medium zucchini is 35 calories, the cheese is 35 per wedge..hmmm..105 for this dish..not sure what garlic is..

I ate this and my son, sat right next to me and ate bite for bite. Although I had to cut it a bit for him, he thought it was pasta and could just suck it down, instead of eat it. He did not get up until the whole bowl was finished.

So let me get to it, before my day begins and life gets wild..

Cheesy Zucchini Ribbons with Roasted Garlic
(this is for one serving)


1 medium zucchini

1 tablespoon of water

1 head of roasted garlic (if you don't have this you can saute the minced garlic as you saute the zucchini to make it tender) (just start it first in the water then add the zucchini)

2 wedges of Laughing Cow Swiss


Take your zucchini and use a peeler and peel it in thin strips, I would peel it and when it would be too wide I would rotate it a bit to get a thin strip. I peeled it until I hit the seeds. I kept that middle part to cut up into something later.

Put you zucchini into a saute pan with the bit of water, saute just a few minutes to make slightly tender.

Add the roasted garlic ( I leave mine whole because I am a garlic freak, use how you would like it)

Then break up the cheese and melt it with the zucchini and garlic, a little salt and pepper..

And you get  mmmm....

It was really very good. It does have a slight vegetable taste (well cause it is) but it was really satisfying and curbed that urge for pasta. I could imagine now a few shrimp in that or chicken chunks..

I came to share, and share I did. Actually Patrick and I ate this for breakfast, so I could try it out and post it to share.


Well I am off, to get this day going, my house is a wreck, my kids are happy.... So it is a win, win situation..

Have a great day!


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