Spinach, Mushroom, Onion, and Garlic Flatbread - WW 4pt

Let me start out with my confession. Yesterday, I was taunted by the great Chick-fila. I ended up consuming at least half of my points, just on a chicken sandwich and their fries. I must also confess that after doing Weight Watchers for the last 3 weeks, that the Chick-fila left me feeling blah. I am guessing that I was so used to vegetables and a balance of proteins and carbs, that this was an overload of carbs. So this morning decided to cleanse myself with some great little veggies and get a power start to my day.

If you would like you could also scramble an egg and break up on top of this too, before you finish with the cheese. Adds a bit more protein. I am thinking 2 points for a real egg. I am now a egg beater user, so I lost track of the points for eggs.

So, here I will share my breakfast with you. You can make this anytime, though.

Spinach, Mushroom, Onion and Garlic Flatbread


Baby Spinach (I buy mine in a carton, like the baby greens, but you can buy these in a bag too. I always keep some cut up in a smaller carton to add to stuff. This time I just used them as a full leaf, they will melt down as they cook)

Mushrooms (fresh or canned)

Garlic - sliced thin (I am now a fan of those naked in the jar..teehheeee! they are already peeled garlic, quick and easy. I just love Garlic)

Onion - diced

Laughing Cow Cheese Triangle

Fat-Free Mozzarella Cheese (1/4 of a cup - if you are doing WW use a measuring cup, keeps you honest)

Salt and Pepper

Flatbread ( I buy the Flat Out at Krogers)


Spray a small pan with non-stick spray and put in the sliced garlic, onions, and mushrooms and just a bit of water to soften them up.


Spray a flat pan with non-stick spray.

Lay the Flatbread down, and take the Laughing Cow Cheese and smear all over the top. (TO  the edge, that way you eat it all.)

Take spinach and lay the leaves on next, they way you would like it. They will melt down as they cook. And being the baby spinach leaves they are very tender.

Spread the cheese, nicely and salt and pepper lightly. Lay the spinach leaves on top. (If you were going to add scrambled egg to it. I would put in on the very bottom )


Take the mushrooms, onions and garlic and put as even as you can all over the top.

A little salt and pepper.

Sprinkle the fat-free cheese on top.

Bake at 400 for about 5-10 minutes. Remember to check, because the flatbread cooks quicker. If you like a crispier crust you can also pre-bake a few minutes, just the flat bread.

This was my breakfast this morning. It was very filling and left me with out that hazy feeling.

Now after sharing I am off to clean. While I was writing this, my son, has emptied his toy box and it is like it rained toys in my living room.

Seize the Day...


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