Flat Out Bread Crackers wwpp 2

FlatOut Bread (the 9 grain had a point less) Crackers

Just made these. I wasn't real sure that it would work out. I used the FlatOut 9 grain bread which calculated into 2 points. I then sprayed Pam Olive Oil on the pan and then layed them out. Sprayed a little again on top and topped with a bit of SeaSalt.  I got about 20 plus crackers and they weren't too bad.

Pair these kiddos with a Laughing Cow Cheese. I only had the Swiss and it was 1 point per wedge.
Made for a nice snack.

Trying to make a hummus dip, working on it now. Will get back with that one..

Just wanted to share quick, for those craving a snack.


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